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The Post-penitentiary Assistance Center

Czym się zajmuje?

The Post-penitentiary Assistance Center supports prisoners and the released in the process of social re-adaptation. Support is targeted at both women and men.

Wsparcie kierowane jest do kobiet i mężczyzn. 

We provide:

  •  psychological assistance
  •  legal consultancy services
  •  an addiction therapist support
  • unpaid training and vocational courses
  • ad hoc support (food, medicines, clothing, chemicals, public transport tickets)
  • information and administrative support, assistance in official procedures
  •  help in finding work and housing

We run a re-adaptation home for former prisoners, where homeless people after leaving the penitentiary unit, can stay up to 3 months (the condition is to present a certificate confirming the release, which was issued no earlier than 6 months from the date of reporting to the PBO). The stay at this home is depending on the implementation of a readaptation program prepared together with a psychologist, consisting of organizing personal matters, continuing education, taking up employment, or, depending on the needs, therapy.

Inhabitants of the house, with the support of a psychologist and coach, fulfill all obligations resulting from living together: cleaning, cooking, shopping. It is a kind of training in everyday activities before becoming fully independent.

For help from the Post-penitentiary Assistance Center, call 515 447 779 or write to

The tasks performed by the Post-penitentiary Assistance Center are financed by the Justice Fund (the inscription in the footer, next to the logo of the Justice Fund, to be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Justice).